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The mission of the Aliner Owners Club is to promote camaraderie among owners of our unique campers and to maximize our A-frame camping experience. In support of this mission, the Club schedules and promotes frequent rallies, provides support for this web site and our online newsletter, The Aliner Way, and facilitates the sharing of many owner-inspired DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. Ownership of an A-frame-style camper is required for membership.

The AOC website is designed to be used with ease. The Topic List at left appears on every page. You can click on any Topic, read the page, and then click on a different Topic from the still-visible left-hand menu. Most pages include Links (underlined in blue) that take you to other pages. At the bottom of each new page, there is usually a Link to take you back to where you started. These pages may look short, but with the Links, they contain a wealth of information!

You will see that some of the pages in the left-hand Topic List have the notation, “Members Only”. A benefit of membership in the Aliner Owners Club is the right to view and enjoy these pages. So why wait? Join us now!

If you encounter a problem with any of the pages in this site, or if you have a suggestion for improvements, please email the Webmaster.